Zener Diode Test Circuit Voltage Indicator ATmega8

Interestingly circuited actually zener diode test measuring instruments should have a property zener measurement of when you are secure, a voltage see better, but so far no measuring instruments equipped with this feature I have not seen though the circuit design a separate beauty measurement probe to be in shape to use is easy. Zener test circuit for ATmega8 microcontroller based on the indicators used 2 × 16 LCD also very practical and clever Inbox big thick felt-tipped pen used.

Circuit visionav source code of the code sprint pcb layout (zener_tester.lay) file spline scheme (zener_tester.spl7) and there are pictures about insurance options.


Source: http://radiokot.ru/circuit/digital/measure/52/ alternative link: zener-diode-test-circuit-voltage-indicator-atmega8.rar

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