USB UART Converter PIC16F88 Circuit Attiny2313

Recently circuit on the web I’ve seen perform this southern been applying If we are talking application atmel’s famous ATtiny2313 achieves with USB UART converter further circuit 8bit I / O 128-byte EEPROM 32-byte FIFO buffer a lot as have the ability to detailed information AVR309 application note exists in the circuit did and it works just fine.


ost important of all circuit pc FT232 chip as USB UART converter not see this as the circuit is open source is the device name of the asm code of the change that you want can name the same way PCs at the avr309.inf and avr309.rc driver files where necessary by editing the companies you want information you can enter. Circuit example for delphi code also available from me this code exploiting a test circuit made ​​circuit PIC16F88” s 0 channels received from the 8-bit analog information to the PC is sending from the PC first byte sent 16f88 the PWM module with 0-5 volts earns.

Works with 3.3-volt circuit, but the USART module with 16f88 communication problems arise because I fed 5 volts desktop PCs do not know what the problem might be problems with the notebook out.




USB to UART converter project’s source files:

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