TDA7318 Surround Sound System TDA8567Q Amplifier PIC16F628A Control

Normally only the hex code with source code projects that are not do not share, but this was an exception different project Surround Sound System, controlled, 2 × 16 LCD display (hue, temperature, etc..) For me which is remarkable supply SMPS both familiar circuit IR2151 and ATX powersupply made with transformer though I had previously shared a similar circuit IR2153 SMPS circuit made ​​symmetrical with the only source of these circuits have 12v… .14v

IR2151 Switch mode power supply SMPS


The heart of our amplifier is a Microcontroller PIC16F628A Do not worry, we will teach you to write the program in Microcontroller programmer with a simple and easy tools. TDA7318 . Microcontrollers, in turn, controls the Audio TDA7318. This wonderful chip performs all the above functions for the processing of sound, its possibilities, we will consider later. TDA8568q .

As a power amplifier chip chosen TDA8568q. 25w This four-car amplifier power to 25 W per channel. Then we will show you how to increase output capacity. Of course, among the above, our amplifier is not deprived management functions, indicating, monitoring temperature, cooling management, standby mode, and it has a clock and calendar function.

Surround Sound Control Circuit


Source: Surround Sound System schematic pcb code files alternative link:

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