Sony Philips RC5 IR Remote Decoder Circuit PIC16F84A

Sony and Philips RC5 protocol that works with the remote control of the code to learn a useful circuit on the circuit porta.3 pin 1 if sony 0 no RC5 philips decode the received 16-bit data of the 8-bit device code other 8-bit the read key is the value of various control with tried circuit is fine works beautifully. Codes were written with protons. Proton ide ready to read IR commands are used.

Remote Decoder Work Images

sony-rc5-kumanda-kod-okuma-2 sony-rc5-kumanda-kod-okuma-3

sony-rc5-kumanda-kod-okuma-4 sony-rc5-kumanda-kod-okuma-5

PIC16F84A Remote Decoder Schmeatic


PIC16F84A Remote Decoder proton ide source code files:

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