PIC18F1220 3-axis laser show circuit

pic18f1220 microcontroller circuit controlled 3-axis laser show effects partially founded on a simple apparatus. PIC18F1220 RB2, RB3, depending on RA6 pin PWM MOSFETs are driven by motors belonging to construction have lots of pictures and details also shared PCBs and the C source code through


3-axis laser effects work


Originally I’m very lazy man so I’ve chosen programmed microcontroller PIC18F1220 PIC implements 3 channels PWM generator. PWM signal toggles MOSFET transistor 2N7000. Mirror actuator is connected as load to MOSFET. As mirror actuator I used 5V 200mA CPU cooling fan. It’s easy to mount mirror on its flat side. Device accepts 5V and 12V fan with maximum current 200mA . Voltage is selected by jumper. Green laser pointer is rated at 3V so I’ve made LM317 based voltage regulator with adjustable output.

source instructables.com PIC18F1220 3-axis laser show circuit source code schematic alternative link:

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