PIC16F88 RF Remote 433MHz Transceiver Switches

RF communication system operating with a switching circuit controlled by the water pump 1000 watts of project files are all sources.

if you want to switch devices rated over 1000W or control water pumps, then you need the UHF Remote Mains Switch described here. It can switch devices rated at up to 2500W over a range of up to 200m. That’s 10 times the range typically available from the low-cost commercial units

Controls the UHF Remote Mains Switch Up to 10 UHF Remote Mains Switch units can be controlled 16 encoder selections 200m range On/off switching Handheld operation 9V battery supply Transmit indicator Transmit error indication

PIC16F88 RF Remote Circuit


Source: http://www.siliconchip.com.au/cms/A_109919/article.html

PIC16F88 pic assembly source code RF Remote 433MHz Transceiver PCB schematic Alternative link:

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