PIC16F84 Ammeter Circuit 0-80A UGN3503

PIC16F84 Ammeter, ampere meter circuit pic16f84 microcontroller has been made with the current sensor is used for UGN3503 hall effect sensor output op amp with integrated lm358 strengthened pic16f84 RB0 pin connecting led display current information (lts542r) displays on the microcontroller, hall effect sensor with the current measuring is a good example

7-segment LEDS and bar graph display plus 2-digit display
5A step bar chart ± 0-30A indicator
2-digit display 1A resolution
Typical 80A maximum reading
Charge and discharge for dual display
Low light conditions automatic screen dimming


It’s now rare to see an amp meter installed in a car. Instead, virtually all modern cars have an “idiot” light to indicate battery charging. Normally, this light is off when the engine is running and only comes on if the alternator fails; ie, when no charge is being delivered. Apart from that, it doesn’t provide any other information during normal driving. This means that when the light is out, you have no idea how much current is going into the battery or is being pulled out. And even when an ammeter was fitted, it was hardly what you would call a precision instrument. Most only gave a very rough idea of what happening. However, if you are an enthusiast, you will want to know more about battery charge and discharge rates. This Automotive Ammeter can provide this information with a high degree of accuracy.


Source: http://www.siliconchip.com.au/cms/A_30551/article.html PIC16F84 Ammeter Circuit 0-80A UGN3503 pic assembly source code schemmatic pcb alternative link:

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