PICKIT2 Update ( new pic microcontroller support)

Recently for a business pic18f46k22 programming we need to, but PICKIT2 software pic18f46k22 support said 🙂 though the error message, I do not remember Unsupported Part etc … a strange opening had fortunately just picproj on the forums @ t2 teacher’s share issues that came to my mind Pickit2 Clone upgrade was mentioned, the “pk2devicefile.dat” file to the C : \ Program Files folder PICKIT2 threw it into the directory where the software is installed smoothly pic18f46k22 programmer programs the way we were able to clone and PIC16F1847 PIC18F45K80 microcontrollers tested in addition

This program provides a simple interface for editing the device data file PKDeviceFile.dat that comes with the PICkit2 windows programs. It’s my first .NET application ever and I won’t be surprised if there’s a few bugs in it.

I know this is a painfully simple program which probably doesn’t require any documentation whatsoever, so only basic notes are provided.

Supports new pic microcontrollers

12F1501, 16F1508, 16F1509, 16F1512, 16F1513, 16F1455, 16F1459 and their LF version,
16F527, 16C83, 16C84, 16F83, 16F84 (manual device select only),
18F25K80, 18F26K80, 18F45K80, 18F46K80, 18F65K80, 18F66K80 and their LF version (High voltage programming working) added.
Only 16F1455, 16F1459, 18F26K80, 16C84, 16F84 tested.

I use the PK2DeviceFile file:

sources: picproje.org/index.php/topic,44978.msg338934.htmlsites.google.com/site/pk2devicefileeditor/

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