Multi-Voltage Meter with PIC18F2550 Picbasic PRO

PIC Microcontroller with multi-voltage measurement, display (LCD) a good example for software pic basic prepared with pic18f4455 RE3, RA0, RA1, RA2, pins and the 4-channel voltage measurement can be made circuit as an example 5 …. 12V DC Voltage used higher voltages You may need to use a voltage divider resistors. Measuring DC voltage in the range from 30VDC 0VDC

PIC18F2550 Voltage Monitor Circuit



To measure the voltages higher then the VCC (supply voltage of the ?C) i was thinking of using the well-known and simple voltage divider using resistors. Discover the possibilities of measuring DC voltages in a range from 0VDC to 30VDC. Use the Onboard A/D converter from the PIC18F4455 or PIC18F2550 range. Measure different DC voltages at a time. Try to do the measurement without using an external ref voltage.

– Measure: 5V DC
– Measure: 9V DC
– Measure: 12V DC
– Use Xtal
– Display the voltages on an 4-line char display in 4-bit mode

Source Multi-Voltage Meter picbasic pro source code schematic alternative link:

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