Lucid Dreaming Dreams Open Circuit

Lucid dreaming quite an interesting topic “Dream On” as a phrase is. Person’s dream to realize that dream and to control a lot of people aware of this incident but no widespread throughout the world even in the dream is to understand its electronic circuits (Lucid dreaming circuits) whether engaged there.

In fact the whole business the man himself to concentrate on this idea, but the dream is very beneficial external effects for immediate recall if that’s why I designed several circuits

Lucid Dreaming mounted circuit-face;

face-mounted-lucid-dreaming-circuit-mask sitesinde “Lucid Dreaming Mask” yazısında yazar bu iş için yaptığı bir devreyi paylaşmış devrede pic 16f84 kullanılmış iki adet led göz hizasında rüya anında ışık veriyor kişi rüyada olduğunu anlıyor >> kırmızı ışık / rüyadasın / kontrol sende 🙂

Also with the time setting for this job if you have an mp3 player, a lot of rooms available on the web about this kind of people’s writings, has developed varieties tactics.


Software prepared by the assembly of the circuit as a simple set of phenolic hole.

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