Light Following Robot with Atmel ATtiny25

Light following robot circuit board on attiny25v not very complicated circuit Lithium-polymer battery provided with the circuit feeding the tiny H-bridge output (2N3904) drive motors are controlled with two LDR light is perceived. As you can see in the pictures material placement and cute 🙂 quite well also in the video seemed to be running very stable robot.

Light Following Robot Project

The materials used in the robot at half;

Attiny25v (microcontroller)
MPC1700 (3.3v regulator)
2X 10 kOhm resistor
2X 470 ohm resistor
2X 2N3904 transistor
2X 1N4148 diode
100nF capacitor
100uF capacitor
Lithium-polymer battery 3.7 V 100 mA
2X Fuse holder
Pager motor 2X
Heat-shrinkable sleeving
rubber tubing
6-pin ISP connector

atmel-robot-ldr-isik-150x150 isik-izleyen-robot-atmel-150x150

Atmel attiny25v following robot project with the source of light c eagle pcb software and shared schema files Source:

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