Example Visual Basic RS232 RF Communication PIC16F84

PC serial port (RS232) with the RF transceiver and electronic circuits PIC16F84 controlled, etc. can be an example for the exchange of data between

All the resources are there vb6 source code. Exe. Frm. VLPs. VBW file data circuit diagram of the receiver + isis ares pcb. Dns. LytA files and PIC software. Hex. Asm. Press

Sets the microcontroller software excreted Power Up Timer ON / OFF Watchdog / Oscillator XT / Code protector should be OFF

Transmitter : The assembly is in Sleep mode. Activity detection sensor THEY change the logic state on pin RB0 and generates an interrupt. It increases the pin RA3 in state 1, fueling the resistance.The address of the ILS is read according to the state of 4 switches (We can install 16 different detectors).Pin RA3 goes to state 0 and the resistance is no longer powered. The transistor saturates and fueling HF transmitter. D1 LED lights that indicate a current program. The 8-bit port B are transmitted in series on pin RA0. A waiting period is followed by a second identical issue. If the interruption came from an edge, on the program for a falling edge and puts the processor in Sleep mode.

Receiver : The assembly is still waiting for a reception. When the start of a program is detected, a sync pulse is issued on pin RA0. This allows any analysis at the oscilloscope. The 8 bits are issued once read and memorized. A second reading is completed. Both results should be identical to be validated. The address of the sender is displayed on the 4 red LEDs. The green LED is lit, the byte is sent to the PC at 4800 baud (no parity, one stop), then the green LED is off. For security, a second issue is made. If the analysis confirms that the first issue was taken into account, the second is ignored

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