AVR USB programmer (AVR-910 PonyProg)

AVR900 AVR USB programmer a simple design there more complex but ATmega8 and a few passive components with the established circuit only PonyProg program is working with insurance and program settings as illustrated illustrated supported integrated list but no PonyProg on the Atmel AVR microcontrollers most of the program the XP and XP Vista Seven 32bit 64bit drivers there .. atmel knows better than dealing with the series .. PCB layout drawings prepared by the sprint in addition to the AVR-DIP socket circuit converter atmel programmer with very different PCBs have used in drawing. Before you can use the USB AVR ATmega8 microcontroller programmer circuit “is usb_programmer_av-910.hex” file needed to install



Source: tehnari.ru/f115/t71649/ alternative link:

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