Atmel ATMEGA8 IR detector circuit

8-channel approach to IR detector sensor circuit is realized with ATmega8 microcontroller. I2C bus (TWI, SMBus) are measuring through the obstacle detection, designed for mobile robot. Approach reflects the beam of infrared light detector circuit based on monitoring works.

8-channel detection information;

Measuring principle: Infrared light reflection Detection
Max. Sensor: 8 independent sensor
Communication interface: I2C – 7bit address
Module size: 78 x 62 mm (3 “x 2.44”)
Measuring the number of degrees: 3 distance levels (Min, Mid, Max)
Supply voltage: +5 V (DC)
Current consumption: 15 mA
Microprocessor: ATMEGA8 ATMEL (AVR – 8MHz)

ATMEGA8 proximity dedector


The aim of this work was to design and implement hardware detector proximity and provide adequate control program, which will be carried out measurements and the results transmitted to the request nadrazenému Management System, through the I2C bus (TWI, SMThe module is designed for educational mobile robot, as detector barriers to the robot unknown environment. With help of a signal can be further processed such as neural networks.


Source: IR detector circuit schematic source code pcb files alternative link:

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