240W Electronic Ballast Circuit IR2104 ATmega48 Controlled

IR2104 240W Fluorescent tube Ballast Circuit. Work was designed an electronic ballast for starting six fluorescent lamps with a total output of 240W with integrated dimming-controlled analog input and button. Priority is set to control voltage. If the input voltage less than 0.5 V, tests with the push of a button. Measuring the voltage at the input is constant, and when voltage detection is higher than 0.5 V, occurs to the start of the fluorescent lamps and the subsequent setting of the intensity of the brightness-dependent the inlet voltage, while when 5 V is set to the maximum intensity. When the control voltage it was necessary to introduce hysteresis due to the constant changing frequency. This hysteresis has been set step ±50 Hz. The resolution of the transfer of voltage to frequency is therefore in the set range of 80 steps.

Electronic Fluorescent Balast Circuit Schematic


Button can change the intensity of the brightness smoothly from the maximum after the minimum and back. In short pressing leads to switching on/switching off fluorescent lamps. When the measurement has been adjusted value of the inductor, 1.6 mH and ignition/operating frequency was set to 48 kHz. At this value the voltage at the fluorescent lamp was 104 In. The maximum frequency when the fluorescent lamp still shone was 62 kHz. The wiring is designed with a microcontroller ATmega48 and an integrated circuit of the IR2104


For sorting of fluorescent lamps has been chosen parallel arrangement mainly due to the power options directly from the mains 230 V/50Hz without the need to use increasing source of tension. Another advantage of this involvement is also the choice of the number of tubes from 1 pc to 6 pcs. The control program is written so that you can simply change the frequency stored in the variable zhav, light, max, and min. All the necessary calculations for the oscillator and the AD converter are contained in the program code and for the calculation of the required frequencies, the capacitor and inductors can be use conveniently program Ballast Designer V4 from the company International Rectifier.


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