2 Channel RF Remote Switch Circuit ATtiny24

RF Remote ATtiny24 An uncomplicated radio system that enables remote switching of two power consumers whose power requirements do not exceed 250 VAC 5A The range of operation without additional antenna is about 30 m. The relays can operate in bistable or pulse mode, To control the drive of the entrance gate or the garage door. The complete set is a remote control transmitter housed in a small, aesthetic housing. RF Switches will be useful in a variety of home automation systems.

The complete device creates a transmitter and receiver. Both devices were sealed in aesthetical, practical, professional enclosures. The control is performed on the ISM band at 433MHz. The receiver has its own unique address, which after a minor change of software, allows the sharing of several such systems in one area.

ATtiny24 RF Remote Circuit Schematic


The schematic of the transmitter It consists of ATtiny24 microcontroller, TX433 RF module and several passive components. However, the most important component of the transmitter is, however, the program contained in the memory of the microcontroller.

If the transmitter is not used (when no button is pressed), the ATtiny24 microcontroller is put into the lowest power consumption mode – PowerDown. In addition, Watchdog and BOD modules are disabled, and the MCP1703 “self-contained” regulator consumes only 2 µA. As a result, the current consumption of the entire system in this state is negligible and a battery with a capacity of 100 mAh should suffice for more than 4 months of use.



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