12V 100W Lamp With Magnifier Lens Disco Effect System

Disco effects of the system control circuit PIC16F628 on board but the basic parts 12 volt 100 watt lamp and a magnifying lens (one in the header extend more than you;)) PIC16F628 with stepper motor is controlled certain speed and direction of the motor rotation is provided motor connected to the end that colored round piece 12v 100w lamp light is reflected light returning from the magnifying lens magnification, as seen in the video processing creates a beautiful image.

Prepared for the safe box security camera system is very similar to the closed type …



In addition to the file received via the microphone made ​​by pic12c506 disco sound effects circuit operates according to its mechanical, etc. I’ve added. Same parts

Source: elwo.ru/forum/58-211-1 alternative link:

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