10A Motor Control Circuit PIC12F683 PWM

Hello Friends. I have done this summer, an engine control circuit I would like to share with you. While the maxima in the load circuit attracting a stream of about 10 to 12V DC vicinity of a fan I’ve done to the engine speed setting. Circuit works very well. I use my motor 12V at full load, while revenue was approximately 8.5-9 Amps current draw. I used the IRF540 mosfet circuit. This MOSFET 22 Amps if you can take while in full satisfaction. Because of the high current MOSFETs in the circuit are not overheated.

In addition, 12 ampere circuit at the input diode of the diode can withstand metal-sheathed hooked. There were a few for my hand until I thought I’d use them. I was put against the risk of reverse income. Exactly like the picture




Proteus isis simulation of Motor control circuit, ares pcb and source code files:

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