SG3525 EI33 200w-600w ATX DC DC Converters Circuits

@ Tahir brother’s a nice project, pc power supply transformer carried out with a 12 volt input voltage of 2 × 55 .90 volts + – symmetric voltage is turning circuit sg3525 PWM control IC used this SMPS circuit in your car, you want to use with high voltage running amp power supply is ideal for even transformer winding never have to worry 🙂

Caution: Be careful of the circuit output voltage is high, you must take the necessary measures
There are two versions of Project 200 watts and 600 watts for dual 600w power supply disconnected from two computers using the EI33 transformer and MOSFET (IRFP064N) 4 used

PC Power supply disconnected from the power transformer transformer ei33 link photos while out in the picture below will unveil +12 v 5v end is connected to the ends of the MODFET


200w and 600w dc converter circuits photos;



powersupply-circuit-ei33-dcdc-200w-smps-sg3525-120x120 smps-dual-600w-120x120 smps-test-dcdc-120x120 switch-mode-circuit-ei33-dcdc-200w-smps-sg3525-120x120

200w and 600w dc circuit PCBs (. LytA + bmp Proteus ares) files:

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