Computer to run on 12 volts Car PC

Computer pc to run on 12 volts. With the battery in your car or if you want to run your computer in a different application’s nice konfigrasyonlu computer ideal for low dcdc converter circuits at 160 … 260 watt ATX converter circuits are

Old vie or p3, low-power system can be used with ATX P4 actually a new generation of low-power onboard motherboards may need to try 🙂

PC Auto Power Supply

PC-Auto-Netzteil-anleitung Ideal to operate a PC with not too much power hungry in the car. Also ideal for MP3 player, the CD-ROM drive or a desktop hard drive connected … Shortly after the blueprint for an MP3 player to be connected to the parallel port of a low power computer to the computer magazine c’t appeared, was at awakened many DIY enthusiasts, the desire for a car MP3 player. This use of a computer brings with it many problems.




arabada-bilgisayar-atx-smps-120x120 car-atx-pc-power-supply-120x120 car-pc-at-atx-120x120 dcdc-pc-atx-car-120x120

All files belonging to the 12v ATX PC applications

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