93XX Eprom Programmer

93XX eeprom programmer circuit PIC16F628 microcontroller based on the PC connection via serial port MAX232 is done with 93XX EEPROM of the program to throw a party installer program’s source code through given to developing a clear project computer programs in C + + prepared with the appropriate person for a good example .. for PIC16F628 3 hex code (93c88_3w.hex, 93C628.HEX, 93c628_3w.hex) There 93XX series circuits can be used by installing the necessary code according to the eeprom also given hex ​​code and the source code through friend Assemblyman detail about the functioning of the circuit instantaneously I got to work


93xx EEPROM programmer: He is a serial EEPROM programmer type “Microwire” or “3 son.” (EEPROM = Electrically-Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory) This controller supports the most common references: 9346, 9356, 9366, 9376 and 9386. The EEPROM programming is placed on a support 8-pin (IDPs) on the programming card. This card is controlled by a PIC microcontroller 16F628A or 16F88. The programming card is connected to a computer via an RS232C interface. 93xx EEPROM programmer Application (for Windows)

source: fabrice.sincere.pagesperso-orange.fr/cm_electronique/projet_pic/pic_prog_eeprom/prog_eeprom_93.htm alternative link:

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