0-40V Adjustable Switching DC DC Power Supply Circuit L296

Switching power supply switching power supply circuit with high current switching regulator L296 integrated on the board 0:40 volts 4 amps of current and voltage adjustable Switching power supply on the circuit critical material as there probably l296 in the market are coil If there is no hand can be wrapped.

L296 DC DC Power Supply Circuit Diagram


Efficency of this switcher is around 85% – and it depends on the load For the same power output its size is up to 5 times smaller Element count is small, becouse the regulator chip has everything integrated Current limit Adjustable output voltage Shutdown when overheated (build temperature sensor) Measure and regulate output voltage High frequency switching (200kHz) No 50Hz hum Becouse of high efficiency, small or none cooling system is needed

Specificaly for the chip that is used in this circuit data are like this: Oscilator runs at freq 200kHz, output noise is below 1% (worst case), max current is 4A at 20V. Voltage can be regulated from 0,0 V (true zero), to 40 V. Voltage and current limit, can be adjusted. You should take special care when purchasing choke. Its ferrite material should be build for frequencies up to 300kHz. Input to the regulator can be DC or AC voltage – becouse the input is rectifier bridge.



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