Tone-Controlled TDA7377 Amplifier Project

I guess you have to know the power amplifier tda7377 integrated a high-performance chip compared to the price.

TL074 Tone Control opamp DC rectifier used in the project on the floor low operating voltage DC 8V to 18V on the PCB is integrated with solid filte… 50…the AC outlet 12V DC 60W transformer you can use highest.

I used an old ATX power supply for ATX chassis boxing of the boxes is very helpful for this kind of transactions. All the circuit ATX power supply compatible safe, at least around me was sleeping. I tried so hard to not cut the size of the heatsink alone. The old transformer 5+1 out of the system approximately 70-80w it looks like. In the circuit, o posted by Box necessarily must be connected to the places .As shown with screws from the bottom with the tip of the cable and the cable hooked up. In fact, drilling the screw holes plaque can be connected directly to the pots according to height.

Tone Control on the floor Psychic (middle volume setting) Low (audio treble adjustment) from the bottom of the PCB capacitors or potentiometer connected as you can see in the pictures, by isolating the PCB from the top of her legs can be worn with macaroons.

tda7377-amp-stereo-120x120 tda7377-amp-stereo-2-120x120 tda7377-amp-stereo-3-120x120 tda7377-amp-stereo-4-120x120

Tone-Controlled Stereo Amplifier Test Video





TDA7377 Circuit schematic


TDA7377 pcb files:

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