Car 4X40W Amplifier Circuit with TDA8571J

TDA8571J an amplifier for the four channels, each with a capacity of up to 40W to the this amplifier is the smallest size and ready for installation under dashboard of your car. After seeing the catalog for integrated circuits amplifiers, I came across a really interesting circuit TDA8571J

TDA8571J characteristic: TDA8571J circuit is an integrated power amplifier Class-B saved in a plastic case with a 23-pin SIL. The amplifier is designed BTL technology models with fixed gain 34 db. Output power for each circuit of the four channels is 40W at 4Ω load.

TDA8571J Schematic Diagram



Standby current consumption up to 100 mA, once we bring to this entry supply voltage, the circuit switches to Operating condition and ready to work. output DIAGNOSTIC in this construction is not used, is more suited to construction of a controlled microprocessors. This pin is hereby states according to the situation in which the circuit located. Status outlet DIAGNOSTIC signals: power overload, the incoming
limitation and the establishment of a disproportionate distortion, thermal overload, output short circuit
each channel and reverse polarity. The simplest indication of the state DIAGNOSTIC output would be connected LED to pin 9, if lit by signaled a fault condition of the circuit.

TDA8571J PCB Schematic files download:

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