Proteus ARES pcb 3d model archive

@ Papylou prepared by our friend Proteus Proteus files for people using 3d models 3d printed circuit board pcb Thanks @ Papylou’s a great resource in the drawings

Draw your own 3D model of a few friends I wanted to share with you the file. Model files contain the model shown in the image below. Required For those who threw him into the description of the file. Hopefully useful to you. Use good-bye and good work …

Friends also following and proteu you in the 3D model files and a lot more different extensions with a 3D model file under the top right side to the left front to the back, in short, to everywhere UXUN proteu get into a throwing so you can look for the Alteros 3D View, I’ve used in a nice little program exists

proteus_3d_model_sc2004_lcd proteus_3d_model_jumper 3d_model_ceramic_disc_capacitor proteus_3d_model_preset








Proteus ARES pcb 3d model files download:

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