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Nüve Ferit Hesapmala Programları – Power Factor Correction (PFC) ,AC Reactor (ACR),Common Mode Choke (CMC) Core,DC Choke (DCC) Core,Normal Mode Choker (NMC) Core,MAGAMP magnetic amplifier cor,Output Inductor (OI) Core Design Tool Programlar üçretsiz Bedavadır


1. Enter your design inputs (all values are required). Inductance is value at full load. Leave ‘Cores to Stack’ at the default value of 1.

2. Choose (1) Calculator Selects Core Size (default) and click on ‘Show Results’. The result is the smallest single core possible for the given design. If acceptable, click on ‘View Report’ to view and print the design summary and/or click on ‘Calculations’ to view the calculated parameters.

3. If outputs are not as desired, click on ‘Reset Design Inputs.’ This will return you to the input menu.

You now have two choices

A. You can stack up a number of smaller cores to achieve the desired AMC filter. This results in a reduction
of the core OD. You can do this by changing the value in ‘Cores to Stack’ and pressing the ‘Show Results’
button. The calculator will automatically calculate the optimum core size for the stacked design.

B. Under ‘Choose Calculator Type,’ select (2) Designer Chooses Core Size. You may use this function to manually
select cores from the ‘Core Size List’ drop down menu or to stack multiple cores. Click on ‘Show Results’
at anytime to recalculate the design outputs.

Ferrite Core Calculator Programs download Metglas® Inc. :

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