555 Designer timer astable monostable calculator

Quite common in the use of electronic NE 555 timer integrated program for a calculation prepared sample calculations are made with 555 circuits

Built-in 555 astable, monostable account, you can also sample application schemas found a nice program



555 calculation Desinger

555 Design Mode

1 Enter frequency (or delay) and duty cycle, if applicable.
2 Click on calculate.
3 Change capacitor values with up/down arrow keys.
4 To enter standard or measured component values, place

cursor over component (R1, R2, or C1). The cursor design will change. Click on component, and enter new value. Note that now the frequency (or delay) and duty cycle will be recalculated. Values can be adjusted within +/- 20% range

555 Applications list

Triggering in monostable mode
Missing pulse detector
Driving inductive load
Frequency divider
Tone burst generator
Sequential (cascaded) timer
Long interval timer
Driving a speaker
Voltage-controlled oscillator
Pulse width modulator
Exact square wave astable
Positive to negative DC converter
DC to DC converter
DC voltage doubler

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