Ultra Bright White LED Driver Circuit PWM Viper22

Viper22a quite popular a few years, I’ve used the high level of tolerance in theory, but I can say that I can not give more details very different from the explosion in my experiment, I tried without cracking or protection works fine now available for the price. Integrated fixed 60kHz operating frequency 20w power can give supply voltage 9v … 38V from further before I share the design in Programs’s (“viper12 to viper22 in isolation SMPS power supply design”, “STMicroelectronics VIPer SMPS Design Program”)

There are two LED driver applications, application manufacturers (STMicroelectronics) was carried out by the company details to the inch, all information given in the diagram drawing pcb

VIPer22A Viper12 circuit Offline constant current LED driver



Viper22A-E Dimmable driver for high brightness LEDs


all circuit files:

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