National Instruments Serial Quick Reference Guide

National instruments good old hey “LM” series we know if I remember correctly, the integrated circuit 1.2 years ago I bought the firm Texas Instruments TI “” products are produced for a long time, probably still piysada well detailed documentation National Instruments products made in a document prepared by serial connection protocols, 60 KB in a single PDF file has a lot of information.

Serial Quick Reference Guide

content; 10-Position Modular Jacks, DB-9, DB-25 connection information (male) connection information (male), RS-232, UART RS-232 Signals back in the Loop, the Data Frame Example Odd Parity 8 Data Bits, 0xD9 —, 1 Stop Bit, RS-485 Topologies, Labview Programming Example, ASCII Table, RS-485 Transceiver Control, NI-Serial Features



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