Iron Base With Preheating Machine

I have added to my list of useful, a lot of my work is a system to facilitate the “Preheating Machine” author told that more quickly by pressing the PCB the PCB with the ironing pressure using make, but can be used in so many different things depending on the situation, for example, repair work, especially for PC, laptop, etc. without removing the main cards parts before disassembling the front heating can be achieved more easily with parts or soften the pressed boxes etc..

Junkyards can be evaluated even bigger 2 irons irons sold with the need to make.


Ironing resistance temperature adjustment for LM358, TIC253 TRIAC circuits based on control circuit used CD4093 TIC253 TRIAC MOC3021 opto TRIAC driver is being used for detection of heat insulation with heat sensor KTY84



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