Constant voltage, output power Supply Set for experiments

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As our name suggests in this circuit multifunction power supply. However, its share has been to make the circuit of the bay I barely find time. I have my bass with the PCB of the card, but you can see the slight differences based on PCB y. If you change the PCB will be updated again. Boxing suboptimal in nature, 90% have done with the material at hand.



I had my two-piece aluminum wheels and paint color is the end of alum. On the second floor in the front portion could feed only became a little foamy. Chipboard screws was a little over 24 grains but also sturdy enough. Transformer midpoint of the double sekonderl did the drawing. Can withstand 35V dc voltage of the regulator according to the datasheet (LM317 bit more), but a high rate of risk and heat it up when I do not need to go. Transformer output voltage of the capacitor values ​​should be used twice. Insurance is the 3-4A max. enough. 10mA LED current for the LEDs to get the standard cuff. Resistance account each time I do not need to tell you, those who do not may find taking 2 minutes. You can write your questions and problems, without hesitation, take it easy …




ayarli-guc-kaynagi-projesi-devresi-120x120 regulated-power-supply-circuit-project-120x120 ayarli-guc-kaynagi-laboratory-power-supply-120x120 laboratory-power-supplies-circuit-120x120

Tests for power supply PCB drawings and diagrams:

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