Adjustable Current 6V 12V Battery Charger Circuit

I’m looking at a project for battery charging circuits, I found a very nice circuit applied a 6 volt 12 volt batterys worked the circuit for high-current battery is rechargeable, Kenwood. Charging circuit 2 protection, indicator when the battery voltage is set one over charge protection is active and the other is the deep discharge protection is very low-voltage battery is connected to the active (not just aimed at the protection of the property of the legend) I did not use the portion of the discharge. I fixed the various charging circuits, but there is no application, thanks to some detail so much a withhold help and answered my questions about disabled Kuhl

Circuit MCT2E opto-4N25 0.14 ohm resistor instead of kublör instead of 0.1 ohms I found instead of lm236-5 instead of 5, 1v used as tests already note 5, 1v zener zener made with said. This is just a trial, but in the future I’m going to use the full value of the materials yoğunlaşmadım materials especially lm236-5 must be determined if I use a zener or regulator if the 5v regulator of



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