175MHz-190MHz Tiny 3V FM transmitter circuit

Once inside the business of SMD components have been tiny FM transmitter circuit pcb printed circuit board design is very stylish as most of us see in the PC main board CR2032 3V battery size is already out of the energy that the battery is placed in the PCB battery socket. The frequency of the FM transmitter circuit is set to upgrade the hard work between 175mhz 190mhz bad … but almost has the same structure are tuned FM transmitter circuit sprinter ready source of PCB layout drawing drawing editable file given there are different versions.



According to the description, explain the FM transmitter circuit is able to broadcast up to 400 feet in 5 … 6 meters also can receive sound from. CR2450 3V Lithium battery with a higher current, which has 80 hours of operating time.

On the circuit L1 coil 0.5 mm insulated wire of 2.5 mm with a diameter of a rod (pen, etc.) On the 4th round winding can be prepared L2 coil is 0.31 mm for the insulated wire 20 turns to be wound around the same 2.5mm Hi highest efficiency antenna for size single vessel wire 62cm

Attention: FM transmitter circuit should be used for experimental purposes only and should not be used for any hidden activities

source: vrtp.ru alternative link:

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